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Benefits of Using our Services

The Benefits of Our Home Redesign Services


Are you bored with your interior design of your home?
How do you feel when you walk in the door? Do you feel overwhelmed? Tired? Uninspired? What can you do to remedy these? Sometimes it just takes a “fresh” creative perspective! Our goal is to create spaces that are balanced and harmonious while reflecting the personalities of the individuals who live there. We believe that most of us already have most of the necessary elements for a well-designed space, but sometimes it can be a real challenge to effectively decorate your home yourself, to know how to arrange your belongings so that the room feels and looks as good as you'd like. We can help!


Redesigning isn’t just about cleaning up – it’s about cleaning out, reorganizing, and refreshing! It is the art of transforming your home and items using the extraordinary and the ordinary; items you have accumulated over the years, with our assistance. Whether it is just a new color on your walls or a decorative finish, it can make a major impact!


Interior Redesign is working with your existing furnishings and accessories to enhance your treasured belongings in a fresh way! What is unique with Redesigning is the interior design approach that you can have an attractive, comfortable, and inviting home without needing to buy an extensive amount of new things or spend a fortune, such as numerous interior design theories suggest. Budget conscious designs are our specialty!


Our approach to decorating is an honest, respectful interaction with all of our Clients. It is a privilege to be invited into people’s private homes. We honor confidentiality and treat all of our Clients as individuals – with different lifestyles, different beliefs and different needs.


It’s a proven fact that your surroundings have a direct effect on how you feel. For example, the lack of sunlight in the winter can cause feelings of depression and fatigue. Similarly your home can actually suffer from poor health too and could actually be causing some of your symptoms of “cabin fever”. How could that be possible? You know how you feel after a day of pampering at the spa? You feel refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed. We would love to assist you in making your spaces feel “ahhhhhh!”.


We’re not suggesting to go out and replace the big ticket items in your home or to completely renovate it by making extensive changes………..What we are suggesting by “redesign” is to rejuvenate your home using items you may own, but in new ways. Maybe it’s a treasured family heirloom that no longer serves a purpose or needs minor repairs. Let us help you to Reimagine and transform it into a loved and useful piece.


OK, so maybe you do need to renovate; Your home just isn’t serving you well at your current stage of life. Our creative energy has served thousands of Clients well over the years! Utilizing our Project Management skills, we are very effective at organizing and planning larger projects that may become overwhelming for our Clients to coordinate. Let us help!


How we live and function in our spaces is important to the overall “feel” of our homes. Most people want to be comfortable without being too formal. Utilizing our woman-centric design knowledge and experience, we can assist you with furniture plans and arrangements that make the most of your space! With a redesign by Fresh Impressions, Ltd. you'll get a balanced, functional and attractive home, usually in just a day, without needing to buy more possessions. That's because we use your existing furnishings and accessories in a fresh new way by applying interior redesign principles, Feng Shui, creativity, and experimentation This is a hassle-free transformation, but the results will amaze you!

Fresh Impressions Ltd. is dedicated to providing you with services that is unmatched. Our attention to detail and eye for creative interior design ensures an enjoyable design experience.

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ReDesign, ReDo, ReNew, ReUse, ReFresh, Rejuvenate, Refinish, Renovate.... and SAVE money!