Creating Positive Spaces Through Interior Redesign & Painting Services


Personalized Interior Redesign Services

Over 30 years of hands-on nationwide experience Creating Positive Spaces for People by enhancing their environments! Incorporated in 2006, Fresh Impressions Ltd.’s services are Client-driven and personalized for each individual situation. Specializing in Interior Redesign, Painting & Home Staging (vs. Interior Design) our focus is on cost-effective Renewing, Reusing, Refreshing, Revitalizing, Redoing to create an environment specific to our Client’s tastes and desires:

Color Consultation

Experienced, Professional guidance on the correct colors that compliment your space, taking into consideration lighting and other elements that affect a color’s tone throughout your space.

Interior Painting

Utilizing only top of the line products, your walls become durable and touchable, complimenting your décor.

Designer Decorative Finishes

Allows you to creatively go beyond the limits of ordinary wall paint, creating surfaces that sparkle in light, have visual depth, look like old-fashioned plaster, or replicate a well-worn surface. Whether it’s rustic, metallic, an artisan finish, or a custom creation – we can bring your vision to life.

Concrete Micro-topping

This diverse decorative product can be applied practically over any substrate. It can be applied plain, integrally colored, or be topically colored with to replicate natural stone, rock or brick. The various artistic capability to manipulate the look of a micro-topping is amazing!

Artistic Epoxy applications

It can be pigmented, like paint, to achieve an unlimited spectrum of colors, layered, blended and unique. The professional products we utilize deliver a crystal clear, glossy, UV stable finish. Creation of new custom countertops, installed directly over existing countertops, applied to walls, custom artwork, doors and more! What can be created is limited only by your imagination !

Furniture / Cabinet Painting / Trim & MORE !

Utilizing only top-quality products, existing furniture and cabinets can be transformed with paint and decorative finishes. We also offer trim services of adding elements to your existing furniture and cabinetry.

Backsplash / Shower tile installation

From timeless elegance to personalized design – we professionally install !

Budget-Conscious Interior Design / ReDesign

Want a fresh look? Are your rooms looking unfinished? We will work with your furniture and accessories to give your rooms a FRESH positive look and feel. We use your items from throughout your home to create new furniture arrangements, floor plans and then accessorize your rooms to create flow, interest and most importantly comfort. Always thinking from a Designer’s perspective, we frequently suggest other elements to “think” about.

Furniture Placement / Plans

Traffic flow, focal points, desired function and usability plus, much more is taken into consideration when properly planning a space. Let us assist you with our creativity!

Product & Finish Selections

Whether your project is one room or an entire home, we are involved as much as you need. For some people a Home ReDesign project can be enjoyable and exciting, but at times it can also be overwhelming. We can provide idea boards, shop with you or shop for you or even be your Project Manager to ensure all aspects continue to progress in a timely manner.

Decluttering / Organization Consultations

Change your Space & Change Your Life!

Please KNOW that we are affected by our environments! Our expertise in “Clearing the Clutter” will benefit you to create a positive space! We meet you at your property and provide you with honest and sincere suggestions for decluttering and organizing your home.

Interior Redesign / Women-centric Design Analysis

Want a fresh look? Are your rooms looking unfinished? We will work with your furniture and accessories to give your rooms a FRESH positive look. We use your items from throughout your home to create new furniture arrangements, floor plans and then accessorize your rooms to create flow, interest and most importantly comfort.

Move-in Set-up & Design

We have assisted numerous Clients to reduce the stressors created by their household moving. We work with you for furniture placement, color and accessory selections, organizational tips…..etc, so your new home really looks like your DREAM HOME! Packing and Unpacking services also available upon request.

Personal Shopping

It’s just like having your OWN personal interior design assistant! As a Certified Redesign Specialist, we will meet you at your property and guide you in the selection of colors and finishes for everything from countertops and flooring, appliances, trim, hardware. etc. Everything you need to make your redesign project a success! No hidden charges!

Feng Shui Analysis & Design

Throughout your home, the bagua sections (the nine main areas of our lives) – can be activated with colors, decor, art, and with furniture placement. The important thing is to realize that every inch of your house has a vibrational relationship to the everyday life endeavors you are involved in. Feng Shui can help you to make each simple daily task a true prayer to the spirit, an expression of your life energy and universal blessings. Life is meant to be lived!

Home Staging to SELL a Property

In today's economy it is imperative to rely on a professional! It’s been proven that Home Staging is the creative art of enhancing a property through visual and sensory enhancements to create an inviting space appealing to potential buyers, resulting in a quicker, more lucrative sale.
Staging differs from traditional decorating, in that it is geared to create a themed cohesive environment in a home instead of individualized needs and tastes. Professional home staging transforms a home by decluttering, depersonalizing and enhancing the assets of a home.

Please be assured that pricing your home appropriately is still key to selling quickly and for top dollar, (that’s ONE thing we cannot do for you), but be assured that there are numerous tasks that you should do before putting your home on the market to assist in getting the best possible price in the shortest time frame. The famous saying “You do not get a second chance to make a positive first impression” is SO true when preparing your home for sale!
We’ve all seen those HGTV show transformations and wondered,” How can I make my house look like THAT?” With the assistance of a Certified Staging Specialist at Fresh Impressions Ltd, your property could be just as skillfully designed to sell!

Our consultation service begins from the time we arrive at the curb! As Certified Staging Specialists, we utilize a proven 72-page Property Staging Manual developed by the West Coast Pioneer of Staging, Barbara Jennings, CSS, CRS. This detailed assessment is an in-depth summary of what should be specifically done to make the property more attractive to potential Buyers.