Creating Positive Spaces Through Interior Redesign & Painting Services

What is ReDesign?

ReDesign isn’t a new term…… our Mothers have been doing it for years! And it doesn’t refer to just decorating. It can be the redesign of a treasured or unused piece of furniture – repurposed and redesigned into a functional part of your décor. It can be the renewing / refreshing of a family heirloom or a thrift store find, with paint, stain or a decorative finish. The possibilities are endless!

In today's economy, Frugality is FINALLY in Fashion! And the more that you are able to save, the more you can spend on life experiences. Your home is more than likely your biggest investment and it is imperative for you to spend your interior design money wisely!

You May NEED a Certified Interior Redesign Specialist IF you…

Have contacted and / or worked with an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer who didn't understand what you wanted

Need help with the arrangement or placement of your furniture and accessories!

Know how you want your room(s) to feel, but can't really see the big picture of how it should look!

Have other commitments and priorities before coordinating and/or shopping for home decor items!

Don't know where or how to save money on interior decorating.

Are tired of buying furniture and accessories that don’t pull everything together….. You need a plan!

Are very creative but don't have an idea how to overcome your current decorating dilemma!

Didn't know that! a home’s interior could produce feelings!

Are planning to build a new home and are overwhelmed by choosing styles, fixtures, or colors!

Need some creative interior decorator solutions to get the look you want on the budget that you have!

Feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. You need an energetic organizer / interior decorator to help!

Want someone else to handle the stresses of arranging, coordinating, and completing your rooms!

Want a consistent color scheme that can be incorporated throughout your home!

Know you have pretty good taste, but would like your home to reflect your style!

Passionately collect magazine photos or search the internet, but can’t seem to duplicate the look in your own home – besides, YOU have a budget!

Have tried to decorate your home and purchased items but don’t know how to create a design flow!

Know what you want but don't feel confident enough to start investing in your decorating choices!

Are tired of rearranging and moving your stuff and want something different, something fresh!

Know what “home” feels like - but you’re not sure how to translate that feeling!

Want your home to reflect your individuality AND your character!

Aren't sure about the look you really want for your home. What is a look??

Want to save money on your redesign / preparing your home for sale projects!

Fresh Impressions Ltd. is dedicated to providing you with services that is unmatched. Our attention to detail and eye for creative interior design ensures an enjoyable design experience.

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ReDesign, ReDo, ReNew, ReUse, ReFresh, Rejuvenate, Refinish, Renovate.... and SAVE money!